Sigoor Asset Tracking solution for factories and logistic centers

Sigoor Asset Tracking solution uses RFID to easily track, locate and plan your most valuable manufacturing assets, parts, or packages – in real-time and directly on your screen.

In manufacturing, things get lost easily

As orders keep pouring in, bills of material get longer, and packages are awaiting shipping, misplaced items can cause expensive delays. Managers, co-workers or customers may inquire about specific orders or misplaced items at all times. In most companies, employees have to stop whatever tasks they are doing at that moment, to look up order numbers or compare manufacturing batches manually. Production lines may slow down or sometimes even come to a halt.

Sigoor Asset Tracking solution helps you keep track of your assets and packages through RFID

As the goods and products around us become more and more sophisticated, your average assembly line becomes more complex:

All of these factors can increase the risk of losing parts along the assembly line. Misplaced packages can easily delay the whole production process and increase costs.

This lack of visibility and awareness impacts the customer and stakeholder experience, both
of whom value transparency along the entire production and supply chain.

From screw to pallet: supervise your assembly line at a glance

Find misplaced or lost parts and packages directly on your screen with just one click.
Sigoor Asset Tracking solution uses RFID technology to help you track and locate your manufacturing parts and packages at all times. RFID scanners are placed on critical points along the assembly line. Corresponding RFID stickers are put on individual pieces or boxes and scanned along the way within a wide range of distances, depending on the scanners used.
A central management software visualises the assembly line and tracked parts. Your team can locate any missing parts at a glance without manual intervention.
Transparency of the production and supply chain process increases customer experience, and our solution does just that: Helping you engage better with your clients.

The result? No parts lost, no holdups on the assembly line, and no more headaches for your team. Locate your assets instantly from whole pallets to tiny pieces. The collected and visualised data opens up countless possibilities to identify improvements and remove bottlenecks.

Why Sigoor Asset Tracking solution?


Minimise loss of manufacturing parts. Detect production hold-ups at the earliest moment. Identify bottlenecks in manufacturing.


Locate misplaced packages instantly. Minimise shipping delays.

Customer Service

Answer requests about shipping status instantly. Improved customer satisfaction and net promoter score. The graphic interface allows for a complete overview of the whole manufacturing process.

Let us help you manage your assembly line more efficiently






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